Our Designers

Forever Contemporary was founded by Helen Richardson. Helen has always had a passion for design and interiors, having studied design and renovated period homes. After becoming frustrated with having to trawl through websites to find things to furnish and make her home unique, Helen decided to setup Forever Contemporary to provide a collection of products for like-minded people that are available from one source. Our philosophy is simple - to provide contemporary design led homewares to add the finishing touches to your home. 

We aim to source as many of our products as possible from independent designers. Here are some of the designers whose work we currently stock:


Absolute Appetite
The Absolute Appetite tableware collection is a vision made tangible by German-born designer couple Ingrid Ruegemer and Oliver Szasz. Their design concepts are concerned with with the sensory perception of tableware objects: the experiences they help to convey and the atmospheres they help to create.
Their philosophy: "We aim to create beautiful objects that add sensations, emotions and enjoyment to the contemporary urban home.”
The Absolute Appetite product collection represents a passion for the finest materials, high quality craftsmanship, and innovation in design.







Block, formed in 2000 by designer Tara Ashe, is now a successful lifestyle brand run by an enthusiastic team. Their passion for colour is the inspiration behind every design, their aim to bring colour to every part of your lifestyle.

Their stylish home accessories and lighting range has now grown to include contemporary gifts and statement jewellery, all adhering to their design philosophy - "life in colour". Constantly changing trends, both fashion and interior, keep Block busy making sure their colours are just right.



DesignedMade was established in March 2009 by product designer Jonathan Krawczuk with the intention of producing a range of simple and striking products, designed and made in Britain. The brand is committed to supporting the UK craft and manufacturing industries and represents an evolution of Britain’s proud industrial heritage – bringing together the ideas and vision of a younger generation with the skills and expertise of traditional manufacturers.

The DesignedMade family of products has been developed with manufacture in mind. They are designed to be simple to produce, elegant and rational in their use of materials, functional, and fun to use. Their bold colour palettes, striking forms and graphic patterns are a direct result of the materials and techniques used in their manufacture.



Goodwin + Goodwin


Goodwin + Goodwin

Paul & Viviane Goodwin live and breathe design and are most passionate about typography, graphic design and home accessories.

Paul Goodwin is an award-winning designer with over 12 years in graphic design and it may come as no surprise that his products have a bit of a graphic twist to them. He lives and breathes design and is most passionate about typography and home accessories. In 2009 Paul and Viviane Goodwin set-up their own design studio armed with a sketch book of ideas, and a passion for all things font related.

"We always design products which are simple, beautiful and practical. Our products have a strong graphic twist" explains Paul Goodwin.

Goodwin + Goodwin proudly support local companies that are obsessed with good quality & workmanship as much as they are.



HeadSprung is an award-winning London-based design practice specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary interior accessories, furniture and lighting. With a mission to make good design more visible and accessible to the masses they take everyday objects and inject them with fun, flair and utility to create products that marry function and beauty, with a touch of character.

For those of you who are interested, Headsprung means "to be completely enthused and engaged in the moment, a sudden inspiration or bright idea, a brainwave, a moment of clarity". This single word encompasses all that HeadSprung hope to achieve with their products and their brand, as well as describing how many of their products are conceived.



Jay Watson

UK Based and Australian born, Jay works as an independent designer maker. Previously having worked in the manufacturing sector, he finds his technical understanding provides him with confidence to not only explore new design concepts, but also adapt and develop new manufacturing techniques. His hands on approach to design means that whilst he employs specialist manufacturing firms to produce much of his work, he also retains the ability to make high quality bespoke commissions and prototypes in house. Much of Jay’s work is inspired by the thought that often the shadows an object casts are of as much interest as the object itself. Maybe this is the result of growing up in a sunny climate, but ultimately it’s more about the impact design can have on both our built and wider environments.

 Jo Davies

Jo grew up in rural HerefordshirE home to many famous UK studio potters. She gained her first degree from Bath School of Art and Design where she learnt a significant breadth of the ceramic art form. She graduated in 2002 and was recently asked to exhibit with selected alumni in an exhibition celebrating the Ceramics course at Bath.

Soon after graduating from her first degree, Jo set up a studio and continued her practice. During this time she was a resident artist at Portsmouth University and exhibited widely within the UK. Recognising her need to further her education she gained a place at the Royal College of Art in 2005 to complete a Masters degree.

After graduating Jo set up her London studio where she continues to make and develop her work. Jo exhibits UK wide and internationally, continuing to make all her work by hand.






MissPrint are a growing family business, who work from their new countryside studio, bordering East London. MissPrint love making patterns and designs, developing new ideas and seeing them grow into designs. Nature has a big influence on their work; a simple leaf or flower has so many beautiful qualities of line, shape, colour and texture. They also love mid century and Scandinavian design which is marked by its simplicity, clean lines and organic forms.

They believe ecological issues are important therefore; all our products are produced in the most environmentally friendly way.All MissPrint products are made in the UK. They try their utmost to support the local community and strongly believe in supporting the British manufacturing industry.


Thelermont Hupton
Thelermont Hupton is an award-winning design studio that produces a diverse collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories. Since the studio was formed in 2004, Thelermont Hupton’s products have become recognisable for their strong visual identity and sometimes surprising functionality. Their designs are well-considered, bold, often witty, always stylish and inevitably lively.

Both Yve Thelermont and David Hupton arrived in the design world via the route of cabinet-making and furniture design. They continue to explore the medium of furniture design and their emphasis remains firmly on creating and maintaining a strong visual presence while accommodating the essentials of comfort and usability demanded by both the domestic and contract market. At the same time, they have discovered that product design provides a way to convey and express visual commentary in objects.

Inspiration can come from a variety of themes, from body parts and the relationship between our bodies and surrounding objects, to intersections andcreating shapes from other shapes.









Thelermont Hupton Logo





Since Vitamin was set up in 2005 its mission has been to produce designs which are more than just a little out of the ordinary. With a keen eye for detail, refinement and quality mixed with a little fun and originality, Vitamin’s product offering spans furniture, lighting, ceramics and homewares. Based in the heart of London’s East End, Vitamin has built up a worldwide presence with its products sold all across the globe.

Yorke Design

Richard Yorke has worked as a professional graphic designer and artist for more than 15 years, the Hanging Flower Light Shade® series is the first offering from Yorke Design. The company ethos is to try and make each product with ECO or recycled materials, in the UK.

 Any good design takes time to develop, but it is essential that a pinch of 'Wow!' or a sprinkling of eye-candy goes into each new design we make.